God Speaks

The reading from William of Saint Thierry in today’s Office of Readings is a simple reminder that God speaks to us in Christ.  But shouldn’t we also remind ourselves, as we listen to his beautiful words,  that God speaks in many ways? To many among us, in our fragmented world, Christ does not speak directly at all.

Listen to William:

“You alone are Lord. Your dominion is our salvation, for to serve you is nothing else but to be saved by you! O Lord, salvation is your gift and your blessing on your people; what else is your salvation except to receive from you the gift of loving you” which comes through Jesus Christ.

“He taught us to love him by first loving us, ‘even to death on a cross.’

“You first loved us so that we might love you–not that you needed our love, but because we could not be what we were created to be, except by loving you.”

“He ‘loved us and gave himself up for us.’ He is your Word to us, your powerful message: while all things were in midnight silence (that is, in the depths of error) he came as the conqueror of error and the apostle of gentle love.”

“Everything he did on earth, all that he said, even the insults, the spitting, the buffeting, the cross and the grave–were actually you speaking to us in your Son, appealing to us in your love and stirring up our love for you.”

God speaks to us in many ways–that’s something believers know to be true as we listen for the voice of Christ. Not everyone will hear him this season, but our holy time calls all people to listen, as they are able, for God speaks to them too.

Advent is a time when we hear the Word made flesh, but  also a time to listen for the many ways God speaks. It’s meant for a bigger audience than Christian believers.

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