Good Friday

What would we see if we were there when Jesus was crucified?

In the somber half-gloom – that darkness the gospels describe- Jesus Christ would hang from a rough cross. Not a shining cross of silver or gold, but a stark cross of rugged wood.

Our eyes would see a man dying slowly without relief, a crucified man, his body wrenched by pain. A sight not easy to look at.

What would we hear if we were there when Jesus was crucified?

The harsh thud of nails driven through wood and flesh, the moaning of the dying, the periodic insults shouted to the cross, the mockery of his enemies to his claim of divine sonship, the few gasping words of Jesus himself. Sounds not pleasant to the human ear.

Only faith tells us there is something more about the crucifixion of Jesus. In that unlikely place, in pain and sorrow, God showed love for a sinful world.

May our vision of faith grow till we value life in the light of our faith in the Son of God “who loved us and gave himself up for us.”

Lord Jesus,
Redeemer of all,
hear my prayer.

For the love you bear
to those who ask forgiveness,
look mercifully on me,
as once you looked on Mary Magdalene
and on Peter who denied you.

Look on me, Lord Jesus Christ,
as you looked on the thief on his cross
and on every sinner
whom you have ever forgiven.

Look on me, merciful Lord,
as you looked on your mother, Mary,
standing in sorrow beneath your cross.
Let me feel in my heart her compassion for you,
and let my eyes weep for the sorrows
my sins have caused.

Call me from darkness
to my Father’s house,
give me a new heart
and a place at your side
at the banquet of your kingdom.

1 thought on “Good Friday

  1. John Carlucci

    Hello, Father Victor.
    Happy Easter – in all its promise of grace and love.
    Thank you for for your touching comments on Aquila. I remember it well. Some years back, I visited Managua, Nicaragua, on business shortly after its catastrophic earthwake (“terramoto”) and was moved by groups of homeless families living in the corners of abandoned office buildings. (I wish now that I had spoken to them and given them aid. I didn’t. And I still recall the lost opportunity with shame.)

    Regarding your recollection of Our Lord’s crucifixtion, last Friday I visited NJ State Prison to participate in the Stations of the Cross with my brother Catholics. As is their custom, after meditating on each station, an inmate read why it moved him. The one personal meditation which I will remember always was given by my friend, “Jerry,” a faithful member of our weekly centering prayer and Mass.

    Jerry told us in a chocked up voice that each slam of the hammer driving nails into Jesus’ hands and feet reminded him of the judge’s banging gavel when he was sentanced to two consecutive life sentances. He had tears in his eyes, and so did we all.

    Your friend and brother in Christ,


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