Let’s Go To Mass

I have been working on some simple explanations of the Mass in video form and here’s the latest. You can get it on Vimeo; it’s based on the miracle of the loaves and the fish.

The first video in the series you can also find on Vimeo, same place.  I reworked it lately. That’s what you have to do: work and rework.

In the future I hope to do instructions on how you pray at Mass, where do the scriptural readings come from, the Mass and the Cross of Jesus, its history, and so on.

Who knows, maybe they will get done.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Go To Mass

  1. mystagogyfortheanawim

    Dear Fr. Victor…
    How wonderful!
    …As there are three postings at Vimeo could you please title them so that the viewing sequence is
    …Your prayer books have been especially helpful in an on going catechesis – will you follow their format or go deeper?
    …I would invite you to remember those who are functionally literate. That is they know the meaning of the word but can’t read. Someone sounding out the word tabernacle rather than only the print word might help there.
    …Could this become part of CD set of ministerial tools for lay ministers to carry into prisons and nursing homes as well as retirement and assisted living facilities? A kit of sorts…
    … So many of our resources are designed for those who can come to us, that is up the driveway and into church. What about those who are in essence a community in locus… where we send in those who would support leadership within the community. ie.. I could easily serve as the Lector — how much more would it mean to have one of their own serving. My part, Xerox the reading in jumbo type-face. Provide it well in advance. Tape it to a wall next to their bed for easy practicing… and hold it steady during their Proclamation of the Word… Labor and lovingly intensive ehh but
    if you ever hear a quadriplegic proclaim the Word
    — clearly it is the Lord opening his lips and his mouth proclaimed his praise…

    There in such brokenness– are the anawim


  2. mystagogyfortheanawim


    first, an apology – I miss spoke, it should read “a person who is quadriplegic”

    second, a prayer of my heart is a way to do catechesis for those who are illiterate… or who are so frail of eye sight that reading is a great labor… and holding a book a heavy burden..
    again, so much of our resources presumes literacy/and good vision. Happy to find prayer books such as yours that remembers such brokenness.
    My heart turns to the Blessed Virgin Mary… His Mother always knows. She will provide the way through God’s grace and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit…

    third… some see a prison, I see a new monastery. Some see a nursing home, I see a new monastery. Some see an assisted living facility, I see a new monastery…. Some see a house of the dying, I see my brothers and sisters dying and rising in Jesus Christ… the culmination of all monastic vocations.

    Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven…
    Blessed are the poor in spirit, for they know their need of God…


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