The Presence of God

I’m reading the Letters of St. Paul of the Cross and for the next few weeks I leave some excerpts:

“You may not be able to give much time to prayer and other spiritual practices now, but I will give you–with confidence Jesus Christ would agree–a rule about praying always. One prays always who does what is right. For this, I ask you to stay faithfully in the Presence of God in all that you do.

God will help you acquire this practice little by little. You may spend hours preoccupied and not remembering God’s Presence. That doesn’t matter, because your original intention empowers all you do.

But keep your heart and spirit aware of your beloved good God, yet do this gently, not straining your heart and  mind. Say, for example, “I don’t want to forget you, O God.” “My God, you are with me, in me, I live entirely in you and because of you.” God lives in you. You breathe in God, you walk with God, you work in God, who is joy, love, fire.

Get accustomed to making acts like that.. When God enters your heart as you are making those acts of love, stop, and like a bee take in the honey.

Letter 39

2 thoughts on “The Presence of God

  1. Prayer of the Heart

    Dear Fr. Victor…
    God Bless you!
    For weeks now, I have been begging God to help a young mother and if there was something that I could do or pass along to her… I would remain vigilant for such an impulse.

    Today, reading your post … ahh Yes.
    and so I’ve copied it and will make a little homemade card to carry this little sign of God’s Love for her … “like a bee take in the honey”.



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