Up to Jerusalem. November 10

Joseph said in the time of Jesus it would take a group of men about 7 days to get to Jerusalem from Tiberias; a family about 10 days. By bus we made it today in about 9 hours with stops at Mount Tabor, where we decided the wait was too long, so we just took some pictures of the mountain from a distance.

We made for Bet Shean, a Roman city built during the time of Jesus on the site of an older city. Our route was along the Jordan River, with barbed wire fences east of us.

We had Mass around 12;30  at Jericho, Zacchaeus, the tax-collector’s town, in a little Catholic Church, Good Shepherd,  staffed by Franciscans. It’s also Joseph’s parish. There’s a Catholic school there with over 400 kids, the majority Muslims. Our group sang like angels, auditioning for the angelic choir tomorrow at Bethlehem.

On the way to Jericho we had a lively experience of group haggling with some Jericho peddlars. I think the peddlars met some real competition from some New Jersey experts.

Then we went to the Qumran site along the Dead Sea where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

Afterwards, we made for the Dead Sea to see if it was really dead. It was. Some of us dipped our feet into it, some plunged in and lived to tell the tale.

Tonight we are in Jerusalem, not far from the Old City. Just finished a meal,

3 thoughts on “Up to Jerusalem. November 10

  1. Maureen/John Testa

    we just returned from 10 days in Holy Land with Bishop Bootkowski and we’re reliving our trip thru your photos….we are cousins of Bill and Ann who are on your trip! Great photos and comments….thank U


  2. The Dalbo Kids

    Nana, Papa and friends,
    We are following your trip on the blog and shared it with others. It is amazing that you are where Jesus actually was! We love to see pictures of you and hear what you are doing. We hope you continue to be safe – enjoy the rest of your trip. Pray for us!
    Mikaela, Connor, Emma and Kyra Rose


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