Mission: Plainville, Ct April 4

Learning from Jesus Christ

We know Jesus Christ through the scriptures, and one goal of the Second Vatican Council was to promote the reading of scripture in the liturgy and catechesis of the church.

Scholars and believers have brought new insights from the scriptures into our faith and our church.  Our task now is to let the scriptures nourish our prayer and our reflections on our faith.

That’s a goal of our mission this week.

In the morning Masses we are going to reflect on the daily readings for Lent.

In the evening services for Monday and Tuesday we are going to reflect on the part of the Gospel of Matthew called the Sermon on the Mount which is read in the first part of lent. Jesus, our Teacher, tells us how to live and how to pray.

On Wednesday, we will go to another mountain, Mount Calvary, to learn from Jesus how to love.

This morning, the story of the official who approaches Jesus asking that he heal his son who is dying draws our attention to the mystery of death. Why does it happen? What does Jesus teach us about death?

He came to conquer death. “Dying you destroyed our death, rising you restored our life, Lord Jesus come in glory.”

The two most important moments of our life are now and at the hour of our death.

Holy Mary, mother of God,

pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.

2 thoughts on “Mission: Plainville, Ct April 4

  1. peggy nitka

    father victor,
    thank you for sharing the mission with those of us reading along. you have such a gift for opening up the gospel so that those familiar words are made new again. i am thinking about blindness, and seeing, and light today. and as i write this, the sun just came out after a dreary, stormy morning! you are all in my prayers.


  2. vhoagland Post author

    Peggy, I’m finding this a wonderful way of reaching out to a lot of people I couldn’t meet before. I’m hoping people will add their thoughts and reflections. We have a wise church, filled with wise, good people.


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