Jesus Loves You

I’m getting ready for a session on Advent and Christmas next Monday evening at St. Mary’s Parish in Colts Neck, NJ and I prepared two short video for children. One about Jesus, the other about St. Nicholas.

We have to reclaim Christmas. Might as well  begin with the little children.

2 thoughts on “Jesus Loves You

  1. Gail Smyder

    Your eve with the children and parents sounds exciting. Me thinks you have a special ministry with and for our little ones and will entice the parents to reach out in the same way.


  2. Gail Smyder

    I’m not sure how to make the video on Jesus that you sent come thru. They both sound like something I’s love to view. Ah, so come to PA.
    I feel like we do grab the interest of the children, it’s getting the spirit of waiting in Advent and the real celebration of Christmas into the hearts and homes of our families.


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