Mission at St. Thomas More: Wednesday Evening

Jesus is our Teacher and Lord. He is not just a human teacher who tells us how to live in this world. He also points to a world to come, the home to which he calls us.  He goes before “to prepare a place” for us.” Risen from the dead, he is “the first fruits;” we still await the harvest.


The apostle Thomas, whom Rembrandt (below) pictures acknowledging Jesus as “My Lord and my God,” represents doubting humanity called to believe. Mary Magdalen too represents our weak humanity wishing to cling to the human Jesus.

Besides our Teacher, Jesus is Lord of Creation. This aspect of the mystery of the Resurrection has been influenced by the thinking of the Enlightenment, according to Anglican Bishop W.T. Wright, who recently addressed the Italian Catholic Bishops.

I’ll be speaking tonight of the role of Jesus as Lord of Creation.

You can read what Bishop Wright said here.

2 thoughts on “Mission at St. Thomas More: Wednesday Evening

  1. Gail Smyder

    Reading your words is one thing and seeing you is way cool as the kids say. How about all that neat technology you use to build up the kingdom. Thanks and blessings.


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