A Lump of Clay




A Lump of Clay




I feel like a lump of clay

lying shapeless on a board

waiting for the sculptor

to shape me into what

he sees in his mind’s eye


The sculptor is perfect

but the clay is not-

it can be stubborn

resistant, uncooperative,



It does not always mold

into the sculptor’s vision

but prefers to take shapes

that his hands have not


and so, many times

it has to be scooped up

and shaped into the lump

it once was


With infinite patience

and love

the sculptor starts again

and shapes over and over again


until the clay realizes

it is gradually, willingly,

becoming the sculptor’s vision


Gloria Ziemienski

September 29, 2012

One thought on “A Lump of Clay

  1. Harry Warren

    Gloria. I just read Victors Place. He reproduced your beautiful poem. How wonderful are the Children of God. Especially you Harry

    Sent from my iPhone

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