Daily Prayer

Pope Francis seems to be giving us a new model of the papacy. He has the common touch, to be sure, and the spontaneity of the man is refreshing.

I wonder if his spontaneity is partially explained by the investment he makes in daily prayer. He’s made the daily Mass in the chapel at St. Martha at the Vatican an important part of his day and his ministry. The daily Eucharist seems to be a “daily bread” that provides him with the spontaneous wisdom and insight he has.

I, for one, usually go each day to the Vatican Radio site on the internet to see what he’s up to and what he has to say. By the way, there’s a new app called ThePope that gives you all he’s doing and saying each day.

In his Letter to Proba, St. Augustine says that when we say “Give us this day our daily bread” everything is included. The bread we bring for the Eucharist is the bread of everything; all creation is there, but in particular we bring this day’s creation to God to be blessed through Jesus Christ, who enables us to interpret and find meaning in the world at hand.

Is Pope Francis giving us a new appreciation of the role of daily prayer? Everything is there at Mass. Besides putting us in touch with God, it puts us in touch with the world we live in.

4 thoughts on “Daily Prayer

  1. Harry warren

    Fr Victor. I find following the activities of Pope Francis very entertaining. He does bring a fresh look to the Papacy while bringing us more faith based teachings as well. All good. May God Bless him with long life. We need that style today. Thanks for giving me The Pope app.


  2. Susan

    Thanks for the tip about ThePope app. I just added it to my phone… not much to see right now… looks like the Vatican at night.


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