An Electrifying Image


Last Wednesday in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope embraced and kissed a man suffering from a rare disease called neurofibromatosis, which causes his skin to be covered with awful tumors and sores. Most people would find it hard to look at him; much harder to embrace him.

A writer in the New Yorker Magazine said “The image was electrifying, in a way that mercy can be.”

That phrase is also true of the image at the center of our faith.

2 thoughts on “An Electrifying Image

  1. Natalie

    The image allows us to recall Jesus and the leper. Pope Francis truly lives the word of Jesus. We often try and fall short of Jesus’ commandment to love one another as He loves us. Our media teaches us to love and accept only certain images of the perfect face or body. Anyone who falls short of the perfect image is often ignored, rejected, at worst bullied. Maybe Pope Francis’ true example of Jesus Christ will change our views and hearts towards eachother.


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