The Eucharist and the Environment

A recent major study warns about climate change and its affect on our environment, but commentators say the political establishment isn’t going to do anything about it. Too hard to deal with. What about the religious establishment?

Two years ago representative Catholics and Methodists came together to address the crisis and issued a document entitled “Heaven and Earth are Full of Your Glory: United Methodist and Roman Catholic” It looked on “the ecological crisis as a summons to an ecumenical response…The signs of the times call for an “ecological conversion” as we face “climate destabilization, the destruction of the ozone layer and the loss of biodiversity,” and hear creation’s groaning.( Romans 8,22)

The two churches have prayer traditions in which bread and wine represent the creation that Jesus Christ loved and came to save. How can we use these signs to raise our sense of the sacredness of creation?
The document says that looking at creation in an inadequate way also “leads to a diminished sense of the salvific work of Christ.” (12)

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