The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

According to Luke’s gospel, belief gives you life and faith always sends you on a mission. Mary is an example.

Mary believes the angel who announces in Nazareth the coming of Jesus and then leaves. The Spirit who comes upon her remains with her, and the Word of God dwells in her womb. She sets out “in haste” for the hill country of Judea to visit Elizabeth, the wife of Zechariah, who also was with child. It’s not an ordinary visit. She hurries on because she’s filled with a sense of her mission. She hurries to Judea, where her relatives serve in the temple of God, to announce good news.

 “Blessed are you who believed,” Elizabeth says to Mary.

“You too, my people, are blessed,” comments St. Ambrose, “ you who have heard and who believe. Every soul that believes — that soul both conceives and gives birth to the Word of God and recognizes his works.

“Let the soul of Mary be in each one of you, to proclaim the greatness of the Lord. Let the spirit of Mary be in each one of you, to rejoice in God. According to the flesh only one woman can be the mother of Christ but in the world of faith Christ is the fruit of all of us.”


As with Mary so with us, believing brings life and sends us on a mission.




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2 responses to “The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  1. Happy Birthday Fr. Victor! (6/2/14) What a special place to celebrate such a momentous occasion.

  2. Gail Smyder

    So, there you are–you believe and you are on a mission. What a birthday to remember. Hope all is well with all the walking. I am sure you are blessing all your companions and they you on the celebration of your life gift. Much prayer and joy.

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