The Miracle of the Loaves – 18th Sunday

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The miracle of the loaves could have been accomplished easier; Jesus could have simply snapped his finger and a banquet would have been spread out for the hungry crowds that followed him to that deserted place. After all, he is “the Word, through whom you made the universe,” the Creator God who can make things out of nothing.

But he didn’t do it that way. When his disciples tell him how hungry the people are, Jesus tells them “Give them some food yourselves.” They point out quickly how small their resources are: “Five loaves and two fish are all we have here.” Jesus tells them to bring what they have; he blesses it, and their bread and the fish become not only sufficient for the crowd, but an abundant feast.

How quickly we throw up our hands before the challenges life brings. We think only miracles will do.  Like the disciples, we say “We don’t have enough.” We are not wise enough, strong enough, rich enough, talented enough, old enough, young enough. It looks too hard, and we have nothing. Send it all away.

But Jesus our Savior does not agree. He asks us to take our small resources and bring them to him. Let him bless them; then, they are not too little or inadequate. He gives them a power beyond what we can imagine.

As Savior, he joins our efforts to his in bringing life to the world.

One thought on “The Miracle of the Loaves – 18th Sunday

  1. June R

    Our congress should read the sharing of the loaves. shouldn’t we be sharing our resources with the thousands of immigrants coming in to the United States.We are all immigrants!!! sarah palin and louis gohmert should most definitely read that passage.. They just want to deport them all.

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