Friday Thoughts: No Cross Outweighs Christ’s

The more bold we are in God’s name, the greater the mission He assigns—and the greater the resistance from the world.

That resistance is very real, a gravitational force, threatening to crush us, to drive us down beneath the earth—and that resistance takes the form of a cross.

The greater the mission, the heavier the cross.

But fear not, the supernatural force of faith always overcomes. And rest assured in this: No cross outweighs Christ’s, for He took on the weight of the entire world.

Yet, Christ stood, Christ climbed, Christ raised His punctured palms. He overcame the force of death itself and ascended victoriously into Heaven.

So be bold my brothers and sisters in Christ. Accept your mission, pick up your cross and walk, and if you stumble, if you fall…get up. Stand. Stand in faith. And know that you never stand alone.

Know that none of it is an illusion, not the suffering, not the victory.

Know that the struggle is not a figment of your imagination.

No, the weight of your cross is very real…but so is Christ.

Hieronymus Bosch, Christ Carrying the Cross (1515-16)

Bosch, “Christ Carrying the Cross” (1515-16)


—Howard Hain


2 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts: No Cross Outweighs Christ’s

  1. cenaclemary12

    Very encouraging to us in this age of wounded all over the world whether by drones , domestic violence, deranged shooters and other means. May we carry the crosses of our brothers and sisters along with our own cross!

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