Friday Thoughts: Don’t Look At Me

Caravaggio, Denial of St. Peter, (1610)

Caravaggio, “Denial of St. Peter” (1610)


Never look to a man for answers.

Look to Christ who is the answer.

If you insist on looking to a man, then choose one who points to Christ.

For the best teacher is Christ Himself…and His best assistants are those who clearly say: “Don’t look at me.”



—Howard Hain


5 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts: Don’t Look At Me

  1. Edward.Fullerton

    The Church and its Priests/laity need to apply this too them selves,i.e ,as one example(see doctrine).What actually happens is something else !.Other wise individuals are on their own.


  2. jedode1

    Oh, the ills of man-worship rather than God-worship. One disappoints, the other inspires; one leads to betrayal, suffering and death, the other to eternal life with the Eternal one who was betrayed, suffered and died for the us; one is false hope, the other is Hope fulfilled, Resurrection. and Peace.


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