Friday Thoughts: Perfect Purpose


Lord God, let me truly enter Your Church.

Yes, my Lord, let me truly enter Your Body.

Let me enter Your Glorious Wounds.

Yes, my God, let me pierce the wound in Your Side.

And let me go deep within.

Let me make my way to Your Sacred Heart—and let me find its core—the essence of Your Being.

O then O Lord, O then shall I be!

For then shall I be as You will me to be—an individual drop of Your Most Precious Blood—circulating deep within—all to the perfect purpose of the Body, all in the perfect unity of the Spirit, all for the perfect glory of the Father.

God be praised!

So be it. So be it.

Amen. Amen.


—Howard Hain


1 thought on “Friday Thoughts: Perfect Purpose

  1. Thomas

    Your commitment to Christ reminds me
    Of the early apostles. And the courage
    To continue to witness.
    Amen I say to you.


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