Friday, 2nd Week of Lent

Lent 1

Rejection is a special kind of pain. Matthew’s gospel today describes the rejection Jesus experienced when he entered Jerusalem before his death. At first, he’s acclaimed by a large crowd as “the prophet Jesus from Nazareth in Galilee.” They spread their cloaks and cast branches before him. “Hosanna to the Son of David. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”

Then, Jesus goes into the temple and drives out those who were buying and selling there, a symbolic act that indicates he has come to restore this place of prayer. (Matthew 21, 1-18)

Reacting strongly, the Jewish leaders reject him and question his authority to do such things. He has been sent by God, Jesus says, and responds with a parable that condemns leaders like them who reject prophets sent by God.

Jesus remains convinced of his mission, but conviction does not insulate him from the pain that comes from rejection. Like the prophets before him he suffers from it, and his suffering only increases as the crowds that first acclaimed him fall silent and his own disciples deny and abandon him. All turn against him and he is alone.

The events described in today’s gospel and the parable Jesus told throws light on one suffering Jesus endured in his passion and death¬– rejection. Rejection and death will not be the last word, however: “the stone rejected by the builder will become the cornerstone.”

You went to Jerusalem, Lord,

to announce a kingdom come

a promise of God fulfilled.

a hope beyond any the mind could conceive.

Teach us to keep your dream alive

though we see it denied.

2 thoughts on “Friday, 2nd Week of Lent

  1. Natalie

    Personally,this passage is appropriate and right on time for mother’s birthday. As a young mother, with two children and a third on the way, in the early 1960’s, she was abandoned by her husband. Not many options for ‘single’ mothers back then. For her immigrant, Catholic parents and their circle of friends, failure of a marriage was an embarrassment. They ultimately left the ‘circle’. Rejection was swapped for faith…a very deep faith in Jesus Christ. My mother prayed incessantly and trusted in
    God. She ultimately became the strength, the cornerstone for the family and life she built. Mom got a college education…and so did all three of her children. The pain and rejection she experienced, at the time, seemed insurmountable…but it did not have the last word. God always has the last word!


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