Friday Thoughts: Tiny Rose

—Howard Hain

4 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts: Tiny Rose

  1. jedode1

    Father Victor – Thanks for opening the door; Howard, thanks for recognizing the door and entering with your offering; Lord Jesus, help me to respond to Your presence in each fellow human being today!


  2. Orlando

    Wow! I just got to read this wonderful passage this Sunday morning when I just woke up exhausted from a week of caring for my grandchildren. Exactly what I needed. I just can’t wait to see those little “Jesuses” making their special noises downstairs in the family room. God is great!


  3. Rosemarie Byrnes

    Howard, I just met Jesus in you! St. Joseph will be your dear friend each day and help carry your burdens and rejoice in your joys. Thank you for a beautiful sharing. God bless you and your family! Rosemarie Byrnes


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