Like a Dove


The evangelists describe the Holy Spirit descending on Jesus at his baptism in the form of a dove.In his commentary on St. Luke’s Gospel, Luke Timothy Johnson seems puzzled by the description. What’s the explanation? “Such is the nature of symbols–all are possible,” Johnson writes.

Here’s mine. Two doves are regular visitors outside my window and  I notice how confident and unafraid they seem, so different from the chattering sparrows flitting from place to place. As far as I can see, the doves are without the usual signs of power, sharp talons and strong wings. What’s their secret? St. Gregory of Nyssa seems to point to their fearlessness  in his Commentary on the Song of Songs:

“When love has entirely cast out fear, and fear has been transformed into love, then the unity brought by our Savior will be realized, for all will be united with one another through their union with the supreme Good. They will possess the perfection ascribed to the dove, according to our interpretation of the text “one alone is my dove, my perfect one.”
Gregory of Nyssa

A fearless, humble love, unafraid of chaos, brings peace. Is that why Noah chose the dove to go into the world engulfed by the flood and not a lion or an eagle? Such is the nature of symbols–all explanations are possible.

Behind the Chair of St. Peter in the Vatican Basilica in Rome, the artist Bernini created the beautiful alabaster window where a steady light pours into the dark church through the image of the Holy Spirit, in the hovering form of a dove. Light is also a  favorite sign of the Holy Spirit.

Day by day, the light comes quietly through the window. Day by day, the Holy Spirit dispenses light for the moment, graces for the world that is now. As Jesus promised, the Holy Spirit dwells with us, his final gift.

The Feast of Pentecost is this Sunday.

One thought on “Like a Dove

  1. Gloria

    Dear Fr. Victor- Back in the late 1970’s I was at a Charismatic Prayer Conference at the Meadowlands, led by Fr. Jim Ferry, may he rest in peace.
    He was a wonderful man and you spoke about him in a homily one Sunday after you had gone to his funeral. The Holy Spirit was the focus of the Charismatic Renewal, and as Fr. Jim was closing the conference with the final prayer, from out of nowhere a beautiful white dove flew over the stadium in circles a couple of times. The crowd gasped in unison. I get chills writing this. Thank you for your beautiful reflection. Gloria

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