Remembering Lawrence

We remember the deacon Lawrence today in the liturgy, a favorite of mine whom I followed through the many churches and works of art in Rome that testify to his influence on the Roman church. Some years ago I worked with others to produce of video on Lawrence. (See above.)

Lawrence reminds us that Poor are the Treasures of the Church. I’m wondering if a good bit of Pope Francis’ present popularity comes from his strong commitment to the poor. He’s reminding the church-and the world too–how important they are if we follow the gospel of Jesus.

Augustine in a sermon on Lawrence says that you don’t have to be a deacon in charge of a major relief effort in the church to be like Lawrence, however. Each of us, treasuring the poor in our own way, follow Christ.

“The garden of the Lord, brethren, includes – yes, it truly includes –  not only the roses of martyrs but also the lilies of virgins, and the ivy of married people, and the violets of widows. There is absolutely no kind of human beings, my dearly beloved, who need to look down on their vocations.”

We’re all part of the garden of the Lord. That’s a nice way of saying we’re all have something to give. Who are the poor we  treasure?


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2 responses to “Remembering Lawrence

  1. Gail Smyder

    Good question. Keep challenging us. There are the poor in spirit we seek to serve in our parishes and the poor who struggle to survive and seek Hope. Where am I with both??? In ministry I think this has to be ever before us.

  2. In the garden of life bloom where you are planted! St. Dominic (previously on the 8th) was always pictured with
    a dog holding a torch.Perhaps bc he preached doggedly
    In fiery words? His Order of Preachers (OP) were dedicated
    To preach, bless and teach. They taught me and inspired me by their joy in service! Lawrence was the one tortured on a rack with fire who said while burning,”Turn me over, I am done on this side!”:-) What examples we have in these ones who went before us!

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