Friday Thoughts: Flight Into Egypt

Flight Into Egypt Henry Ossawa Tanner American 1923 Met

Henry Ossawa Tanner, “Flight into Egypt”, (1923) (Metropolitan Museum of Art)


A young lady and a good man. A tiny precious child. A tired donkey. An angel of God leading them by the lantern in his right hand.

You are one of them. You travel by night. Your party is small. But you are not alone.

The streets are empty. At least as far as you can see. Strange lands this side of the Red Sea.

Jesus is with you. He sleeps in your arms. He takes your family name. He rides upon your back. You walk a few feet ahead of Him to ensure the right and safe path.

You too are Jesus. Born a few days before. Completely wrapped up. Yet totally exposed.

Beyond the frame an onlooker more than watches. He paints the picture. He steadies the easel. He knows exactly where the finished work will hang.



—Howard Hain



4 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts: Flight Into Egypt

  1. jim

    Jesus rides on our backs today. For we may be the only person who
    will carry the presence of Jesus to a particular situation. even in the
    poorest slum Jesus is present because we carry him on our backs.
    A woman came up to me and kissed my hand and then touched
    her forehead with my hand, not because I was so special but rather
    because I was carrying Jesus on my back. Today bring Jesus to another
    person by your smile, your listening ear and your faithful love..amen

  2. cenaclemary12

    Thinking of all those who must leave their homes due to political upheaval and/or violence. Their desperation, anxiety, fear for their own lives is a heavy burden. May the One who shepherds us all lead them to safety.

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