Morning Thoughts: The Promise of a New Day


Lord, how long?

Lord, why?

Lord, why so much darkness, so much pain?

Love, my child. Just love. Leave everything else to me. I know that you ask these questions out of love, and I don’t blame you for asking, but be in love, my child, be in love with me. Stay in love with me. Be living breathing love with me. Your brothers and sisters, our brothers and sisters, are starving. I am starving. You are starving. We all hunger. And I am with you. Do you doubt that I feel everything that you feel? Would I do that to you? Would I leave you alone? I told you, that I will never do. My promises are truth. My words are not from yesterday, they are not for tomorrow. No, my words and my promises are for today, for right now. They are not part of history, they create history. Now go, get up once again, be brave. The power of my love brings life into existence. You carry my death with you. My resurrection can not be stopped. It’s happening right now as you step into this hour. Those that love you are running toward an empty tomb. You are in the garden. Reassure them, reassure them all, reassure everyone you shall meet this very day, that all I say is true.


—Howard Hain


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