Friday Thoughts: Tobias and the Angel



Thomas Wilmer Dewing, “Tobias and the Angel”, 1887 (The Met)


Since my daughter’s earliest days, we have played this little game:


I look at her and say, “Sometimes you love someone so much...”

And she softly responds, “…it makes you cry.”


We both get glassy eyed and gently smile.




What is it?


“It” is a person

His name is Jesus

His skin is many colors

He is 33 years old, and also 7, and also 84, and also 40…


He is God. He is alive. He lives in you and me.


Tell Him that you love Him.

It is Jesus.



Sometimes you love someone so much…it makes you cry.”



—Howard Hain




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2 responses to “Friday Thoughts: Tobias and the Angel

  1. Gail Smyder

    Ah, something to share with our 5 year old grandson and others who are very special–like a husband, children, family and very special friends who ECHO God’s love.

  2. Berta

    I love you, my Jesus! O, how I love You!!!!! Have mercy on me a sinner.

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