1st Sunday of Advent: Climbing the Mountain of the Lord

Listen to the homily here:

“Come, let us climb the Lord’s mountain,” the Prophet Isaiah says as we begin the season of Advent. The land where Jesus lived is a land of mountains and hills. The Mount of Olives, the temple mount, Mount Tabor, the Mount of the Beatitudes, Mount Carmel. In Jesus’ day, people climbed mountains, first of all, to see where they were going. No Google Maps then. Hardly any road signs. Yet, from a high place you could see the way ahead, the dangers as well as the rewards. A mountain gave you direction and perspective.

Advent is for looking ahead more than looking back. Jesus is he who is, who was and is to come. In Advent, we look for him on our journey of life.

In Jesus’ day, people also went up a mountain to experience God. God was in the high places, they believed. You met God when you went up high places.

Could I suggest that Advent is a time to experience God who awaits us. God is waiting for us in Jesus Christ. It’s a time to reset direction and perspective. We so easily get lost. “Let us climb the mountain of the Lord.” It’s time seek refreshment from God.

In today’s gospel, Jesus uses the phrase, “the Days of Noah.” Those days are days to beware of. The Days of Noah are days when “people are eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage.” Nothing wrong with that, you say. I

But even good things can become routine, draining life out of them.  The days of Noah are “same old, same old” days, nothing’s happening, nothing’s going on, and nothing’s there as far as we can see. Might as well turn on the television and have a beer. The days of Noah are days of blinding routine that turn us into sleep walkers. We miss out on what life brings.

So what’s my life and your life like? Are we frozen in the days of Noah?  Let’s pray that God take us out of that kind of day. Let’s pray that God lift us up and help us see the good things around us and the good things that await us.

Today the season of Advent begins. It’s a time of hope. It saves us from being trapped by routine. Stay awake.  Advent is a time that proclaims a Great Day. “Let us climb the mountain of the Lord.”

3 thoughts on “1st Sunday of Advent: Climbing the Mountain of the Lord

  1. cenaclemary12

    In high holy places we see a different view of life. We see the Big Picture-more like the Way Christ looks at life. No need to climb up, God slips into the thin spaces within our soul.

  2. jbarrycp@juno.com

    Advent+++ Climbing the Mountain of the Lord, what does this mean
    in today’s society, most of us are not mt.climbers, so what does it mean
    to climb God’s Holy Mt…..it means to find deep within yourself a sacred
    place, a place of comfort and peace, a place where you & I are more conscious of God’s presence. In Advent we are guided to climb into that
    place, that Holy Mountain within and just rest and rest some more and
    then listen for the soft still shining voice of the Lord….He will speak
    even when we are making mistakes and have sin, He still is Lord of our
    Holy Mountain within…TRY TO CLIMB IN OR UP TODAY

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