Dear Lord,

     The death of Fidel Castro, Cuban dictator, brought joy to many and sadness to others. In Miami there were celebrations in the streets of Little Havana. In Cuba there were nine days of mourning. Many of my friends ask how I feel about the death of Fidel. I’m neither happy nor sad. As a Christian I don’t rejoice in someone’s death. What I do is put them in Your capable hands, my Lord. I’m no one to judge!

     I’ve been praying for Fidel’s soul. Unfortunately I can’t forget that because of his political views and cruel policies generations lost their country and way of life. Torture, executions, imprisonment, all took place if you dared to disagree with any of his policies. Freedom no longer existed. Indoctrination began! Your churches, Lord, were closed. Prayer and religion were no longer necessary, we now had Fidel.

     My mother decided that she needed to leave Cuba for my sake and her own. In 1962 we became refugees. Thanks to the U.S., which opened its arms to us, we began a new life. It wasn’t easy, my God. Here we were penniless in a new land facing a new language and new obstacles. But with the help of family, the U.S. government, and the Catholic Church hope began to spring up and we survived.

     We left Cuba, my God, afraid and without much hope. We left Cuba because one man lost his way and the need for power overwhelmed his ideals. Fidel did have wonderful ideals, but the dark side won, in his case.

     I’ve been in the U.S. now for over fifty years. I’m in love with You, my Lord Jesus and I have to admit that happened here in the U.S.. Good things happened to most Cuban refugees. Most of us survived. We progressed. We lived full lives. But we never will know what could have been. The Cuba of today is nothing like the Cuba of yesterday. For some it’s very sad, for others it’s life. For me it is Your will, my God! May You, our Lord and Savior have the mercy on Fidel that he neglected to have for many of his people.

Berta Alvarez-Hernández

3 thoughts on “Fidel

  1. james barry

    Fidel Castro was an enigma inside of a puzzle….in the beginning he
    did many things that were good for Cuba, better medicine for also very good schools , and some good ideas for the people.
    Havana had been a rich man’s paradise, but the poor were not
    cared for until Fidel came.
    He then became a brutal dictator and ordered the killing of
    many innocents whom he considered his enemies, he was not
    a good listener… he was stubborn, but also a great speaker who
    could draw people to his point of view.
    I too pray for him and his brother , but I also pray for all
    the wonderful Cuban people who will now have a second chance
    to catch up with the rest of the world.
    God bless them, and God forgive and strengthen all of us.

  2. jedode1

    Thank you, Berta, for a beautiful prayer, for a contrite, honest, open-hearted & open-handed approach to the Almighty God. Your petition for mercy shows me how well you know the Risen One & His true purpose. May this approach show many the WAY – Christ Jesus. Amen!

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