The Angels are Coming!


I saw them in  church this morning, hovering over the people getting ready for Mass.

The angels. All colors, carrying all kinds of things. It looks like the world above is coming.. All we have to do is look up, and then look at the Crib.

fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender-3

4 thoughts on “The Angels are Coming!


    I believe in Angels, and often I think they take
    human form…..numerous times I have had serious
    patients tell me , their chaplain that an angel came
    to visit them in their sick room…..this is especially true
    when the patient is in hospice, or very very ill.
    Usually it is a very comforting time for the patient.
    I believe we all have a Guardian Angel who helps
    us in different ways and encourages us to do good for others
    and to forgive more quickly. Hark, Hark the herald angels sing
    Glory to the New born king..


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