Elizabeth Seton

Elizabeth Seton 1804Today’s the feast of St. Elizabeth Seton (1774-1821), a saintly woman born at the time of the American revolution and one of the founders of the American Catholic Church.

The United States Catholic Catechism for Adults tells her story to illustrate what it means to search for God. We find God through Jesus Christ, but also through creation, through human relationships and through various circumstances of our lives.

Mother Seton was a woman who found God through all those ways. As a little girl after her mother’s  death she was neglected by her father and at odds with her stepmother, and  she found God in the beauties of nature, in the fields around New Rochelle, NY,  where she played as a child.

Then, as a young woman, she married a prominent New York business man, William Seton.  They had five children and Elizabeth enjoyed a happy married life, lots of friends, and was active in her Episcopal church, Trinity Church, on Wall Street in New York City. Through these enriching relationships, she was drawn to Jesus Christ whom she also discovered in the scriptures and by helping the poor.

Her life changed when her husband’s business failed. When his health also failed, Elizabeth took him to Italy to see if a better climate could revive him. As they arrived in Livorno, Italy, he died in her arms in a cold quarantine station at the Italian port.

Some Italian friends took Elizabeth and her daughter into their home and there she began to think about becoming a Catholic. Her conversion after her return to New York City caused her to lose old friends and left her to face hard times as a widow with small children.

She moved to Baltimore, then Emmitsburg, Maryland, where she opened her first  Catholic school and gathered other women to form a religious community. She is one of the great saints and founders of the American Church, an important witness to the major role women played in establishing the Catholic Church in America.

Her quest for God was many sided, touched by sorrows and joys.  She’s a good example of how our relationship with God is formed by creation, by the people around us, and the varied circumstances we face as we go through life.

People like Mother Seton teach how faith grows in us. That’s why the new U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults sees her as an example of how we find God in real life. More important than books, people teach what believing means. They’re the first catechisms.

Happy Feast Day to all her daughters throughout the world who continue in her spirit. They are following her and their journey isn’t over.

A biography of Mother Seton:  http://emmitsburg.net/setonshrine/


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  1. Mother Seton’s picture hung on the wall in the office of the Principal of Our Lady of the Cenacle Parish School. Before the school closed I was privileged to volunteer as aide to the teachers who were member of the order founded by Seton. They were truly educators, leading the students to the Truth.

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