Looking Out The Window in the Morning



Each morning I look out my window at the world at hand–a world in the morning light, no longer in darkness. The experience of light after darkness is often found in our morning and evening hymns to describe God’s presence. In the Old Testament, after the darkness, “God saw light and said it was good.” In the New Testament, Jesus Christ, the Word of God, is called “the true light that enlightens everyone who comes into this world.”

Before television and radio weather reports, usually everyone just looked out the window. Why not make looking out the window in the morning an act of faith?

St. Gregory of Agrigentum says Jesus used light to describe his presence in our  world.

“ ‘I am the light of the world. Anyone who follows me will not be walking in the dark: he will have the light of life.’ And again: ‘This is the judgement, that light has come into the world.’ He used the light of the sun, which we see with our eyes, to promise the Sun of justice.

“ That Sun is sweet indeed for those found worthy to be taught by him and to see him with their own eyes just like any other man. He is not just any man, he is also  true God, and this is why he made the blind see, the lame walk,  the deaf hear, this is why he cleansed the leper and called the dead back to life.”

The everyday sun promises the Sun that enlightens everyone.

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