The Song of Birds

Around 7 AM  I sit for a few minutes on the porch as the weather gets warmer.  The sparrows and the doves are usually singing away, but the other day they couldn’t be seen or heard.  I soon saw why: a big hawk flew by overhead.

After awhile the birds were back, singing and chirping as usual. Someone told me our ears are wired to hear the song of birds. Why? They tell us all is well, no dangerous enemies nearby.

Birds singing tell us the world’s in good hands. That’s why Noah sent a dove from the ark, I think. The dove not only brought back olive branches signifying all was well, but sang the good news to those in the closed boat.

By baptism we’re wired to hear God’s voice. We listen for God’s good news, despite the dangers. We listen for a world redeemed, a higher plan at play. Good reason to begin the day, listening to birds singing..

4 thoughts on “The Song of Birds

  1. Gail Smyder

    I agree with you Susan. The simplicity of being tuned into creation is an awesome thought. We are visiting with our son, his wife and our darling grandson who is nearing 17 months. He sees and is aware of so much around him that I often miss. His pure delight is wonder and awe for all of us here. There is a bird feeder outside his windom and he watches the birds often and tries to repeat their songs.

    May the gifts and fruits of Pentecost be ours…………….

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