The Hundred Guilder Print

Artists can be good interpreters of scripture. Rembrandt is one of the best. We’re in the second day of a Parish Mission–Revive, at St. Thomas of Canterbury Parish, Cornwall on Hudson, NY. I’ll be reflecting on some of the teachings of Jesus as he makes his way to Jerusalem from Galilee.

Rembrandt does that in his Hundred Guilder Print, a reflection on the 19th Chapter of Matthew’s Gospel. It’s an inspiring portrait of Jesus calling poor humanity to himself. He is our Savior.

2 thoughts on “The Hundred Guilder Print

  1. jim barry

    early in the morning, Dorothy Day would be walking down Christi St.
    In New York, and she would pass a long line of poor men and women
    waiting to be fed at the CATHOLIC WORKER. Those on line knew that
    Dorothy was going to Mass to pray for them and none of them would
    disturb her with requests, they would just tip their hats or make a bow
    for they knew someone HOLY was passing by. She was always with the
    poor and sometimes she was exhausted, but she was always there for
    them, much like Jesus in the Rembrant painting being available to the
    poor. Are you available to the poor, am I available to the poor ???


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