Morning Thoughts: Rip Tide

by Howard Hain


Matisse Bather 1909 MoMA

Henri Matisse, “Bather”, Cavalière, summer 1909 (MoMA)


What are we to do when the mighty ocean sucks us out to sea?

We are told that we shouldn’t resist, that we should let it take us into the deep—trusting in the bigger force at hand—trusting that the immutable current will win the day, that the overarching tide will eventually send us back to shore.

And in the meantime?

Tread water. Conserve energy. Keep eyes on heaven above.


Howard Hain is a contemplative layman, husband, and father. He blogs at

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Web Link: Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Henri Matisse, “Bather”, Cavalière, summer 1909


1 thought on “Morning Thoughts: Rip Tide

  1. cenaclemary12

    Keep afloat and swim parallel to the shore is what I was told. Growing up just a short ride from the ocean, I have respect and love for the power of this body of water. Going into the deep is for the expert sailors not foolish row boaters. Having the skill and the proper equipment makes the trip an adventure with a happy ending. We each have different gifts given by God. I’m good with riding the waves into the beach but get queasy on the ship in open seas. May we be secure in the love that God bears for each one of us, whether in the deep or frolicking in the shallow waters.


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