2 thoughts on “What Happens When We Pray?

  1. cenaclemary12

    Good for you to have the courage to video your message! When I was a “Pooler” and swam laps the movement through the water was therapeutic. My stiff joints were more flexible and my energy renewed. In prayer my spirit connects with the flowing love of God. The love that never fails, always is, yet prayer makes me aware of the Presence. I heard someone say, “Prayer does not change God but changes us,” There are so many aspects of prayer that will give you plenty of food for thoughtful videos! A little book if I may, suggest one is “The Breath of the Soul” by S.Joan Chittister,OSB.
    We may say that prayer is breathing God.


  2. Orlando Hernandez

    Thank you for your kind response. Swimming with God is indeed wonderful. At least once a week I try to do 20 pool lengths meditating on 20 Stations of the Cross. It’s always different, painful, consoling and life-strengthening. I am planning to get The Breath of the Soul. Thanks!


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