3 thoughts on “Tuesday: 2nd Week of Lent

  1. Clare Ann Fitzgerald

    Thank you, Father Victor, for this important message about the proper role for power.

    Clare Ann


  2. cenaclemary12

    A timely theme for those who govern others; for those who cling to titles; and for those who inflate their egos. May I remember whose child I am and may my heart be ruled by love.


  3. Rosemarie Byrnes

    Thoughts on a Snowy afternoon:
    Just Be!! Let God open you up to His pure Joy and Love. Be assured He knows what He is about. Practice prayer and Silence, Visit with the Divine within you, knowing you are greatly and unconditionally loved! Come as you are! God will do the rest. Bless you Fr. Victor and all the readers of your website. Rosemarie Byrnes


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