Joy Friday

by Howard Hain


The best part of getting a gift is the opening and receiving.

No matter how grateful we are to have the gift, the excitement of “having” is never equal to the excitement of “opening” and “receiving”.

Christ’s death is the gift.

The actual hour of the agony, the arrest, the abandonment, the trial, the mocking, the spitting, the carrying, the nailing, the hanging…it is all the “unwrapping”. The unwrapping of a great gift, the greatest gift.

Because we know the resurrection happens. That it has happened. We live post-resurrection.

The gift is the death. The unwrapping the method of the torture.

Good Friday is the closest we come to being alive during his dying process.

The Liturgy falls down.

“I AM” is too big.

Heaven will not allow distance. The Liturgy in all its greatness is still a distance.

No liturgy. No sacraments.

Heaven is total Union.

Heaven on earth is the unwrapping and receiving of the greatest gift.

Heaven on earth is the joy of Jesus being tortured. The joy of Jesus dying.

‘Paradox’ is too little of a word.

‘Mystery’ means nothing in relation to the reality.


“…he left the cloth behind and ran off naked.”

—Mark 14:52



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