1 thought on “Trinity Sunday

  1. cenaclemary12

    Each time I make the Sign of the Cross, I honor the Trinity. Surely a mystery yet the Love of God invites me to celebrate the Being Divine.
    The Trinity isn’t something we discover. It is the mystery from which we come, by which we live, and toward which we strive. The Trinity is behind us, within us, before us. Human life thrives in relationship, in identity and in destiny. When it knows these three, it has known the Most Holy Trinity.
    You might not fare all that well in defining the Trinity, but, by virtue of your baptism, you can share the Trinity with the world. That is what you have been called to do. If you have ever sensed that you were made for love, if you have ever felt capable of giving yourself away in love and if you still really believe that love will prevail, then you have known the Trinity in the depths of your own being.”


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