A Garden For Mary


Come join us,
This Sunday, September 23rd,
after the I PM Mass at Immaculate Conception Church, Jamaica, New York
for the blessing of our Mary Garden.

The Passionists honor Mary, the Mother of Jesus. She greets you when you come into our church. Church windows sing her praises. A beautiful grotto in our garden recalls her appearance at Lourdes.

Now, next to the Lourdes grotto we’ve planted a Mary Garden. Mary Gardens originated in Europe following the Black Death, a pandemic that caused millions to die in the 14th century. Mary gardens, begun in monasteries and churches, reminded people that God brings life to us from the earth.

Recalling the Garden of Eden, the Mary Garden with its flowers, medicinal and edible plants reminds us of the beauty, life and healing we have from God through the earth. Mary, creation’s great gift, stands in the midst of the garden, as “our life, our sweetness and our hope.” We look to her prayers to “make us worthy of the promises of Christ. “

In a world where the earth is threatened and our church is battered by scandals, we’re planting a garden of hope, a Mary Garden.


Come join us, Sunday, September 23rd.
The Passionists
Immaculate Conception Monastery
86-45 Edgerton Boulevard
Jamaica, New York

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