Like the Deer

Yesterday some visitors and I visited the baptistery of Saint John Lateran in Rome, one of the oldest and important in Christianity. A baby, Tomasso, was being baptized where generations before hm became Christians. Suddenly, the old building came alive as visitors, some his family, some like us, looked on.

There’s a statue in the baptistery of a deer drinking from a fount of water. Deer are portrayed drinking water flowing from the cross in the mosaic in the apse the church.

In this morning’s morning prayer Psalm 42 began, “Like the deer that yearns for running streams, so my soul is yearning for you, my God.

Tomasso has a lifelong yearning for God and on a lifelong journey that will only be satisfied when he meets God:
“My soul is thirsting for you, my God,
When can I enter and see the face of God.”

His journey won’t be easy.”My tears have become my bread, by night and by day, as I hear it said all the day long, ‘Where is your God?’”

But “By day the Lord will send his loving kindness,
By night I will sing to him, the God of my life.”

So Tomasso and all of us:
”These things will I remember,
as I pour out my soul…
Why are you cast down, my soul,
Why groan within me?
Hope in God, I will praise him still,
My savior and my God.”

2 thoughts on “Like the Deer

  1. Lynda Regan

    Good Morning,

    I would like to ask your prayers and sacrifices this week for the Victims of the massacre at Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday. Pittsburgh is my home, a big “little” city, where neighbors are friends, and Family means everything. This horrific attack has wounded not just the Jewish Community, but all of us. We need an infusion of Divine Hope, Faith and Love to move on.

    Please ask Our Lord to send forth His Holy Spirit of Peace, to heal and restore all those injured; and to comfort those who have lost Loved Ones.

    Thank You,

    Lynda Regan

    “We preach Christ Crucified.”


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