A Prayer for Thanksgiving Day

We Gather Together

Goodness and kindness
join us as we stand around
the dinner table.

Three generations of two families
join hands to give you thanks –
for this special day,
for your gifts of food,
for your many blessings.

We pray for loved ones who are absent
due to time and distance,
or who have gone before us to be with you.

We pray for those who are alone,
without family or friends on this special day,
on many days, or perhaps every day.
And we pray for those who will serve them
with good food, kindness, love and friendship
on this Thanksgiving Day.

We pray for peace, the peace only you can give.
We thank you and we love you.

Gloria Ziemienski
November 22, 2018


3 thoughts on “A Prayer for Thanksgiving Day

  1. Moonshadow

    I heard these words this morning. I remember last Thanksgiving thinking – lamenting really – that it would be the final mass with the old responses. So we’ve been through the calendar now with the new missal. That bit about sharing “good things of time and eternity” stuck with me.


  2. Anne Immaculate Oundo

    Fr. Victor, you have enlightened me. I have always thanked God for the food before me but I have never remembered to thank those who prepare the food. Asante sana.


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