Do Your Job!

We celebrated the feast of Christ the King yesterday, but we may find thinking of God as king hard to do today in a world where kings are few in a world of democracies. Ordinary people run our governments, not kings. Royal families, where they exist, have mainly ceremonial roles.

Still, we’re all priests, prophets and kings by our baptism, we’re told. “We’re a “chosen race, a royal priesthood, a people set apart,” (1 Peter 2,5) We share in Christ’s mission as priest, prophet and king. (Catholic Catechism 1546)

How are we kings? Adam, our first parent, may suggest what kind of king we should be. There he is in the illustration from the Book of Genesis, given kingly powers by God. In the garden, the symbol of creation, he names the animals and is given care over God’s creation.

Psalms, like Psalm 8 (Saturday Morning, week 2), tell us that.
When I see the heavens, the work of your hands,
The moon and the stars that you arranged,
What are we that you keep us in mind,,
Mortal as we are that you care for us.

Yet you have made us little less than gods,
With glory and honor you crown us,
You have give us power over the works of your hand,
Put all things under our feet.”

Let’s not forget it. We have been given care over creation. We need to do our job.

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