There had to be a Veronica

I spent several hours thinking about the last words of your reflection on Veronica and on Duk Soon Fwang’s painting about Veronica’s meeting Jesus on his way to the cross. I believe that Veronica saw the face of Jesus, as it was, before she pressed her veil to his face.

There Had To Be Veronica

    The inquisition, 
            the scourging,
    the beating, 
    the stripping of his garments, 
    the mockery of the purple robe,
    the piercing pain of the crown
    forced onto head.

    The cobblestone road, 
    torture on his bare feet,
    the beam across his shoulders, 
    carried with his arms folded over it
    from back to front,
    sheer agony for his bones and muscles,
    the sweat and blood 
    running from his head wounds 
    blinding his eyes.

The woman who stepped out,  
    against the screaming crowd
    of jeering and weeping humanity,
    removed her veil and raised it toward
    his suffering face,
    only her hand revealing her courage,
    her compassion,
    her love.

                Gloria Ziemienski
                March 2019

6 thoughts on “There had to be a Veronica

  1. cenaclemary12

    I agree. She was there for us, every time we wipe away anguish from another person. Imagine the relief Christ felt to have his dripping blood wiped from his eyes. He could gaze upon her face, see her love.


  2. Harry warren

    As usual, a beautiful poem, Gloria. I too. Was moved by the expression from Fr Victor, “There had to be a Veronica”.


  3. Angela Kinlin

    This is a beautiful story of the saddest moment in our Christian history. We all have the ability to “wipe the face of Jesus” in our everyday dealings with people who are suffering. Thank you, Fr. Victor, and thank you, Gloria. You have a wonderful talent and a beautiful faith.


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