2 thoughts on “4th Sunday of Lent c: The Prodigal Son

  1. Gloria

    Prodigal’s Lament
    (Luke 15:11-21)

    I’m on a long, long journey
    I’ve wandered far from home
    I’m lost, without direction
    I don’t know where to turn
    The city lights that beckoned me
    Now blind my eyes with tears
    The pleasures that I thought were love
    Have wounded my heart and soul

    God, I’m so tired that I could cry
    I’m so lonesome I could die

    Father, please forgive me
    Please take me back again
    I‘m longing for your loving arms
    I’m longing to be home
    My wandering days are over
    I cannot bear the pain
    I need your healing kiss of peace
    I need your faithful love

    God, I’m so tired that I could cry
    I’m so lonesome I could die

    Gloria Ziemienski
    February 1998


  2. Liz Forest

    One is the loneliest number were the lyrics of a song years ago. How the young son regretted his place in life among the swine. He thought of the “good life” back in his father’s house. His conversion was a long road until he reached forgiveness. How often he must have rehearsed his “Forgive me, Father” speech. Finally his last lap was shortened by the loving father’s run to him. No speech needed. He was embraced in loving forgiveness. What an authentic picture of God’s unconditional love. The elder son had only a short walk back to the house where he heard celebrative music. His short walk was filled with anger. Such a contrast!


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