Readings for April 1-7

Readings: April 1-7

APRIL 1 Mon Lenten Weekday6 Is 65:17-21/Jn 4:43-54 (244)

2 Tue Lenten Weekday

[Saint Francis of Paola, Hermit]

Ez 47:1-9, 12/Jn 5:1-16 (245)

3 Wed Lenten Weekday

Is 49:8-15/Jn 5:17-30 (246)

4 Thu Lenten Weekday

Ex 32:7-14/Jn 5:31-47 (247)

5 Fri Lenten Weekday

[Saint Vincent Ferrer, Priest]

Wis 2:1a, 12-22/Jn 7:1-2, 10, 25-30 (248)

6 Sat Lenten Weekday

Jer 11:18-20/Jn 7:40-53 (249)


Is 43:16-21/Phil 3:8-14/Jn 8:1-11 (36)

John’s gospel provides most of the weekday gospels for the rest of Lent beginning with this 4th week. It will also be the Passion narrative we read on Good Friday and it offers some of key gospel readings for the Easter season.

The great stories from John’s gospel told in the final weeks of Lent reveal God’s saving power in human weakness. The man born blind, the helpless paralytic, Nicodemus in the dark, Lazarus in the tomb are signs of humanity saved by the Word who brings life. With his usual twist of irony, John shows that the weak are made strong by God’s power and those having nothing come to life and share in his glory.

We’ll also be reading some of those long gospels where Jesus announces who he is, “I am”, to an often hostile crowd in the temple area.

John’s gospel was St. Paul of the Cross’ favorite and he drew much of his spirituality from it. John’s theme of the light shining in the darkness described the spiritual journey for him. Ours is a dark world of  temptation and sin:  yet the Word made flesh leads us to the Father. Even now, we can find rest in the light of his Presence. Even now, we can rest in the Father.

The stories in John’s Gospel call us to remember our “nothingness”, a favorite expression of  St. Paul of the Cross. Only through humility and mystical death can we receive God’s saving power.

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