Do Not Cling To Me

“Do not cling to me.” Jesus says to Mary Magdalen in the Easter gospel. His words seem dismissive, but they’re not.

His resurrection was not the same as the resurrection of Lazarus his friend. When Lazarus came from the tomb they took the winding sheets from his body and saw immediately he was the same Lazarus they knew before. No doubt his sisters, Martha and Mary, embraced him and brought him home where he continued his life as before.

Living again, Lazarus did what he always did; he spoke, he ate, he thought as before. On the fateful week Jesus died, he sat at table with him and all recognized him as Lazarus who had died and came from the dark tomb after four days.

Eventually, he died again, as we all must do.

But when Jesus rose from the dead, he took on a new existence. He did not return to his ordinary life and he cannot die again. He was changed and became the first to enter a new life, a new world. He is “the first fruits” of those who die, scripture says; we are meant to follow him.

He goes before us. “Stop holding on to me,” he tells Mary, “for I have not yet ascended to the Father. Go tell my brothers, ‘ I am going to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.”

He does not dismiss Mary; he invites her to follow him.She does not follow him alone; she remains to tell others he is going forward to his God and their God. We will follow him.

2 thoughts on “Do Not Cling To Me

  1. Gail Smyder

    Father, Love your thought on Mary and Jesus’s invitation for her to follow. It connects in many ways in my life. Also, the Cenacle is absolutely breathtaking. You must feel like you are tasting heaven. Such peace and beauty to help you share your mission of Jesus through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. These certainly are spiritfilled days–these 50 days of Easter. Many blessings as you bless………..


  2. Luanne Dunne

    A beautiful reflection of the Gospel…..Mary”s invitation from Jesus to follow him is the same invitation we receive ……beautiful
    Luanne Dunne


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