60 years

I’m celebrating 60 years of priesthood today, among my own community, the Passionists, gathered here in Jamaica, NY,  for an assembly. There are three of us left. Fr. Theodore Walsh, Fr. Paul Cusack, and myself. 

The first reading today is from Genesis 15, 1-12,17-18; Abraham complains to God he is childless, without an heir, and God takes him out into the night and shows him the stars: 

“Look up at the sky and count the stars, if you can.

Just so,” he added, “shall your descendants be.”

Abram put his faith in the LORD,

who credited it to him as an act of righteousness.” 

The responsorial psalm goes on:

“You descendants of Abraham, his servants,

sons of Jacob, his chosen ones!

He, the LORD, is our God;

throughout the earth his judgments prevail. 

R. The Lord remembers his covenant for ever.

He remembers forever his covenant

which he made binding for a thousand generations—

Which he entered into with Abraham

and by his oath to Isaac.

R. The Lord remembers his covenant for ever.

Remain in me, as I remain in you, says the Lord;

whoever remains in me will bear much fruit.”

And so may it be. Amen.

13 thoughts on “60 years

  1. Lynda Regan

    Congratulations, Fr Victor!

    Thanks for your many years of fruitful service to our Lord and His People. May He, Who is our Beginning and our End, continue to bless your Ministry.

    Lynda Regan


  2. Isabel

    60 years of God’s blessings. Congratulations and may you have more years of sharing with us your guidance towards a restful path to home…. with this are my boundless thanks.


  3. scripturelife

    Wishing you many joys and blessings as you celebrate this milestone. May the joy, peace and love of God that you have brought to others fill your spirit! Thank you for being a channel of God’s Presence in our world.


  4. Bill Donovan

    Fr. Joe: Congratulations on your years to the Lord. You look great and my prayers are that you are able to continue God’s work


  5. Juliana And Lou

    Congratulations Father Victor on your 60th anniversary to the priesthood.  “For thou art a priest forever..” Lou and Juliana  Schmitt


  6. Harry Warren

    Congratulations to you all. How wonderful to have you in our lives. With much love and prayers. Harry


  7. cenaclemary12

    Best blessings to you and your fellows as you celebrate God’s goodness. Thanks for showing us the path to life.


  8. Patricia Ashley

    Congratulations from your Passionist Associates in Albuquerque! God’s gift of you to us is immeasurable. May you continue to bless us with His Word.


  9. Gloria

    Congratulations and God bless you, Fr. Victor, and thank God you are part of our life.
    Gloria and Ted

    Sixtieth Anniversary

    On this lovely summer June day
    as you rejoice in the celebration
    of sixty years a priest
    May you see God’s footsteps
    in clouds that trace across
    the clear blue sky
    May you see God’s welcoming wave to you
    in swaying branches
    with leaves in all shades of green
    and beautiful flowers in all colors
    May you hear God’s voice
    in the wind’s song
    May you feel the warmth of God’s smile
    in the bright golden sun
    May you be forever held
    in God’s strong loving arms

    Gloria Ziemienski


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