Remember His Death and Resurrection

St. Clement, an early pope, urged the Corinthians to keep the Lord’s death and resurrection in mind. Nature itself reminds us of this mystery::

“Consider, beloved, how the Lord keeps reminding us of the resurrection that is to come, of which he has made the Lord Jesus Christ the first fruits by raising him from the dead.

Let us look, beloved, at the resurrection that occurs at its appointed time. Day and night show us a resurrection; the night lies in sleep, day rises again; the day departs, night takes its place.

Let us think about the harvest; how does the sowing take place, and in what manner? The sower goes out and casts each seed onto the ground. Dry and bare, they fall into the earth and decay. Then the greatness of the Lord’s providence raises them up again from decay, and out of one many are produced and yield fruit.” (Letter to the Corinthians)

How down to earth Clement makes the mystery of the Lord’s death and resurrection. Day follows night; the seed falls to the ground, then produces a marvelous harvest. The mystery of the Jesus’ death and resurrection takes place in simple elemental time. What happened once, long ago, we experience now, day by day, as time goes by.

Lord God, deepen our faith,  strengthen our hope,  enkindle our love;and so that we may obtain what you promise,  make us love what you command.

1 thought on “Remember His Death and Resurrection

  1. Gloria

    Thank you for St. Clement’s teaching on the death and resurrection of Jesus and for the beautiful
    painting. Nature is a wise and wonderful teacher

    Leaves of Memories

    I hold in my hand a faded old leaf,
    dry and crisp,
    and I remember spring
    when it was a tender lime green bud
    and grass was greening and soft;
    when flowers began to bloom
    and birds sang again;
    when the air was fresh and warm
    and breezes were light and fragrant.

    I think of that tiny bud
    growing into a bright mature leaf,
    of spring turning to summer,
    of birds nests filled with eggs,
    then babies chirping.
    I think of the leaf maturing in summer’s heat
    and soft grass growing tough and resistant.

    Now the leaves have turned to autumn colors
    and soon the trees will be bare,
    resting in winter’s arms,
    waiting for the tiny green buds of spring.

    Gloria Ziemienski October 2007

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