Climbing On God’s Creation

by Francesca Hain, Grade 4, Catholic Schools Week 2020, Poetry Contest

Rocks. Ropes. Nature.
Trees everywhere.
Figures climbing,
But not many are there.

What could it be?
A forest?
God’s creation?
An adventure ahead?
Maybe so.

What are the figures doing?
Perhaps setting up gear.
Tying knots everywhere.
Ropes swinging down a mountain.

A tent.
A sleeping bag.
On walls of galore.
Maybe the figures are scaling the walls.

As I help set up the ropes,
There’s this strong feeling inside me, saying,
I’m scared! What if I fall?

Will I see God’s creation?
Are there spiders, leaves, or caterpillars?
Perhaps I will see a stream of water flowing from a rock.
On the journey up the wall, will I fall?

As my hand touches the hard rocks,
I say in my mind,
You can do this!

When I slip, I try again.
Although the rock is rough, no matter what,
I try again.

If I do succeed, I scream
Shouts of happiness and fear
At the same time.

When I’m up there,
I thank God that I’m all right.
As I stand up at the top, I see seagulls and many other birds.
What wonderful creations God has made!

2 thoughts on “Climbing On God’s Creation

  1. Gloria

    As I read your poem, Francesca, I felt as if I were there with you; struggling to get up to the top
    of the mountain, feeling your uncertainty and fear (I don’t like heights) and your wondering what
    you’ll see at the top; your joy when you stand on the mountain and see all the beauty of God’s
    creation. Thank for sharing your gift of words. Gloria


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