Father Victor Hoagland @vhoagland is a Passionist priest, a member of Immaculate Conception community in Jamaica, New York. He  preaches parish missions and retreats for priests, religious and laity throughout the United States and also is involved in publishing material pertaining to the Passionists and their ministry.

Fr. Victor tweets  @vhoagland, blogs at Victor’s Place  https://vhoagland.wordpress.com/ and also has video clips on http://www.youtube.com/. Type in vhoagland in the search box and you’ll find them.

He’s also working on a new website on the Passion of Jesus Christ. http://www.passionofchrist.us.

Among his writings and tapes are The Lenten Journey of Jesus Christ and St. Paul of the Cross,  Following Jesus Christ, The Book of Saints, Daily Prayers, Pilgrim Churches of Rome and The Stations of the Cross.

Father Victor is also Director of the Confraternity of the Passion at Immaculate Conception community.On some weekends Father Victor helps out at St. Mary’s Church in Colts Neck, New Jersey.

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  1. Richard Nalepa,cp

    Victor, thanks for all the links for data on Lent. It will give me ideas for various talks. Hope all goes well. Through you I popped in on Zilonkaworld. He has some interesting stuff.
    best. Richard cp

  2. Wendy Ellis

    I am enjoying all of the articleson this Victor’s
    Place, I look forward to reading the info on the
    cptryon.org and crossplace.com

    Thank you till tonights Mission.

  3. Curtis Akerley

    Dear Father Victor,
    I have just recently come across your blog and may I say it is quite interesting. I have also been watching your video clips on Youtube about the Passionists. I am currently discerning a call to the Passionist congregation and priesthood and have been in contact with the vocation director for the Eastern province. The information on Youtube has helped me a great deal in my discernment. Please pray for me, and know that you are also in my prayers.

    In Christ’s Passion,
    Curtis Akerley
    age 15

  4. Fr. Victor Hoagland


    So happy you find the Passionists an interesting community. Keep in touch with us, and thanks for your prayers. I’ll pray for you that God lead you.

  5. Jennifer Festa

    Dear Fr. Victor,
    We often see each other at Mass at St. Mary’s.
    My husband and I are very much looking forward to joining you and the other parishioners for the pilgrimage to the Holy Land in November. Right now, though, I have a question for you. Next week I return to my full time teaching job as a Reading Specialist for a Special Services Department of a high school here in Monmouth County. I have been here for about eight years now. It is my dream job after working part time for many years which allowed me to devote much time to our three children when they were younger. The last few years, however, have been very stressful and often unsatisfying. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and pray often in my daily life. Last week Fr. Tom commented in his homily how when something is very difficult to “offer it up.” Well, what exactly does that mean?

  6. vhoagland Post author


    Get ready. We will soon be on our way. I’m back blogging again, and today I put up something about our itinerary. I’ll be adding to the material in the next week.

  7. Arnold van Ruitenbeek

    can we drive from Tiberias to Jeruzalem through the occupied West Bank. It would give us a good idea of today’s conditions there.?

  8. Angela Kinlin

    You asked me the other evening to relate this story about Advent and Christmas. My daughter, now 40 yrs. old, was four at the time when I took out the manger at the beginning of Advent to prepare for the Baby Jesus. I told her and her sister, two years older, the story of Christmas in terms I thought they would understand.

    I said that Joseph had to go far away to pay his taxes. It was very long ago, and there were no cars. So, Joseph took Mary who was going to have a baby on a donkey. When they got to Bethlehem, there was no room at the Holiday Inn. So, they had to sleep in a garage where it was so cold that they had to bring in animals to breath on the baby to keep him warm. Of course, I told them that He was the Baby Jesus.

    About two months later, I was getting clothes together. Kate asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was getting thing for the poor. She left and came back with her blankie which she took to bed every night. She asked me to send it to the poor baby so that the animals wouldn’t have to keep Him warm!!!

  9. Deacon Randy E. Hyde

    Father….Deacon Randy Hyde abbeville la…Were you able to send out that black scapular??? If not can you point me as to where i may find one???
    Enjoy reading your homilies…dreh

  10. Ron Breznay

    Father Victor,
    I enjoyed your homily today at Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Thank you for visiting our parish. Ron

  11. vhoagland Post author

    Wonderful parish you have, Ron. I’ll be at the Bazaar tonight.

  12. Jim Klecak

    Father Victor,
    I really enjoyed seeing you again at the monastery yesterday. Visiting Father Owen and sharing some time with you was a real privilege. Thank you for the blog address. I plan to visit regularly. And I continue to enjoy your prayer books. Jim

  13. Marta

    St Martha, come with Jesus and visit my family in so much need of your help today and crush the head of the dragon beneath your feet, that Christ may reign in us as He does in your heart. Happy Feast Day, my friend!

  14. Jim Dolan

    Christmas Mass 10:00 am EST at Saint Mary’s Colts New Jersey 07722 = Father Victor’s Christmas Mass homily was one of the most spiritual. Father’s Victor’s Christmas homily communicated to us the true reverence and meaning of Christmas; the birth of Jesus Christ the Prince of peace and our Savior. Thank you Father Victor and may God Bless you. Merry Christmas!!! 

  15. James M Macika

    Father, I have so enjoyed your reflections over the years. You once had a lovely prayerful website entitled “Lord, Teach Us How to Pray”. It had Lenten reflections, Advent reflections, Christmas reflections, and prayers for special times and people: fathers, mothers, illness, and even birthdays! Any chance that site could be resurrected? It also had daily prayer reflections that never really changed, but they were like old friends that had a new message for me every time I visited.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your gift with us in such a lovely way; it touches our lives in our journey with Christ.

  16. Jim Dolan

    You must attend Father Victor’s services at Saint Mary’s in Colts Neck NJ.
    You will leave Mass with a true spiritual connection, knowing you will be forgive, and knowing there is a place in heaven for all of us. Father Victor is a true disciple of Jesus Christ. God Bless you Father Victor !!!

  17. Dan Callahan

    Dear Fr. Victor,
    While attending the University of Massachusetts at Amherst “a fewyears ago” I made an Insight retreat at the Passionist retreat house Mother of Sorrows in West Springfield, Mass. as a result I became a member of Fr. Lucian Clark’s Search program for Junior High School boys. Over those specially treasured years I became close with Lucian, Xav and Malcolm. I still keep in touch with Lucian and Xav’s passing a few years ago was a significant loss as we’d become very close over the years. We even traveled to Rome together following his 25th. I am heartened by your high quality preaching through this blog and your videos. Thank you. I continue to benefit from the Passionist charism. Again thank you! I know you’re a busy man, but I would love to hear from you sometime.

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