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Gn 3:9-15/2 Cor 4:13—5:1/Mk 3:20-35 (89)

11 Mon Saint Barnabas, Apostle
Acts 11:21b-26; 13:1-3 (580)/Mt 5:1-12 (359)

12 Tue Blessed Lorenzo Salvi, Passionist
1 Kgs 17:7-16/Mt 5:13-16 (360)

13 Wed Saint Anthony of Padua, Priest and Doctor of the Church
1 Kgs 18:20-39/Mt 5:17-19 (361)

14 Thu Weekday
1 Kgs 18:41-46/Mt 5:20-26 (362)

15 Fri Weekday
1 Kgs 19:9a, 11-16/Mt 5:27-32 (363)

16 Sat Weekday
1 Kgs 19:19-21/Mt 5:33-37 (364)

Our first readings this week and next are from the Book of Kings–the story of Elijah, the prophet, who challenges Ahab the King of Israel and his notorious wife Jezebel. Elijah is a powerful prophet, one of the greatest of the prophets, who raises people from the dead and brings fire from heaven on his enemies, yet he left no writings; we know him mainly from the life he led.

In the First Book of Kings, Elijah is on the run most of the time, Ahab and his wife in pursuit. We follow him from water hole to water hole, hiding in mountain caves and isolated wadis in the desert, with scarcely enough to eat.

A difficult, humbling flight. Elijah appears in an icon hand to his head, wondering if he will make it, even as a raven hovers behind him bringing bread for the day. He makes it through a desperate drought, thanks to a poor widow who helps him out.

The powerful prophet is helpless, but God keep him going. And Elijah learns from experience how to see, so he sees God’s redeeming presence in a tiny far-off cloud and the whisper of a wind that says God is here.

Three holy people are remembered this week. St. Barnabas, a companion of Paul, is remembered on Monday. The Passionists remember Blessed Lorenzo Salvi on Tuesday, and the popular St. Anthony of Padua is remembered on Wednesday.