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Wisdom Enough

Do we have enough wisdom to make our way in life? According to St.  Ephrem, we have more than enough. Christ, the Wisdom and Power of God, has come.

The trouble is that often enough we want more wisdom than we need or can take in. We want to know it all.  Drawing on God’s wisdom, St. Ephrem says, is like drinking from a great spring of water. You can only drink one mouthful at a time. The spring is never exhausted, but you can’t drink it all. That’s not the way we’re built.

But we want to know it all, and so we become dissatisfied with the wisdom we have at the moment, or think there is nothing more to draw on.

This is not just a problem affecting only our spiritual life; we see it in our world today with all its needs and challenges. One temptation is to throw up our hands and say we can do nothing; another is to think we can solve our problems with one sweeping action.

Keep drinking from the spring, St. Ephrem says:
“What you could not take at one time because of your weakness, you will be able to take in at another if only you persevere. So do not foolishly try to drain in one draught what cannot be consumed all at once, and do not cease out of faintheartedness from what you will be able to aborb as time goes on.”